Vandalism in Plaza de Andalucia

Vandals have defaced the statue of Blas Infante in Plaza de Andalucia, removing the gold-coloured spectacles and covering the plinth with graffiti.

The new Plaza de Andalucia, Nerja

The Plaza de Andalucia was the first of the popular squares in Nerja to undergo major renovation as the Central Government pours money into municipalities under such schemes as the State Plan for Local Investment (FEIL), more commonly known as the ‘Plan Zapatero’. Currently undergoing renovations are Plaza Cavana, Plaza de la Ermita and Plaza Cantarero. Plaza de Andalucia, tucked …

Plaza de Andalucía

The renovations to Plaza de Andalucía are moving along, albeit slowly, with two workmen even toiling away when everyone else was taking a ‘puente’. It is certainly going to look a lot different to the original square.

Plaza de Andalucía renovations

The Councillor for Infrastructure, José Alberto Tomé, has been holding meetings with the residents around Plaza de Andalucía to inform them of proposed changes to the square.

Renovation of Plaza de Andalucía

The Councillor for Infrastructure, José Alberto Tomé Rivas, has announced plans to renovate Plaza de Andalucía, a project with a budget of €66,576.