Brit armed robbery fugitive captured on the Costa del Sol

The unnamed suspect was arrested under a European Arrest Warrant at around 2 am in Marbella following a routine stop. After handing the police false identity papers it became clear he was being hunted by the British police for armed robbery and the possession of illegal weapons and explosives.   After having been cuffed the suspect reportedly offered the officers …

Cop that

On the one hand it is being alleged that policing in Britain is on the brink of collapse because of the savage cuts in public spending being implemented by Chancellor George Osborne.

Police search moves to Galicia

Police are now searching in Galicia for the parents who allegedly killed their two-year-old child, the body having been discovered at a railway stop just outside Oviedo.

Police in Huelva taking the bus

Local Police in Huelva have either been walking or using buses for the past few days as only five of their 18 vehicles are currently roadworthy.

Move along please…

The Local Police were on patrol on the Balcón de Europa yesterday, requesting unauthorised performers, in this case a ‘bubble-maker’, to cease their activities immediately and move along.

Three policemen injured in Madrid

Three policemen were injured in Madrid after one officer requested a Nigerian man in his forties to produce identification papers.

Less accidents this summer

According to figures released by the authorities, the summer months have seen far fewer accidents in the municipality, less vehicles being towed and a decrease in the number of people being cited for not wearing a crash helmet or driving under the influence of alcohol.