Large-scale counterfeiting operation closed down

The Spanish and Portuguese authorities have dismantled the largest known network for the manufacturing and selling of counterfeit clothing and footwear in the country in a police operation that has also led to the arrest of 99 people.

Potuguese toll roads not helping the economy in Huelva

It is one year since the Portuguese introduced tolls on motorways and in the area covering the Algarve and the region of Huelva, two-way trade has fallen by 43%. In towns such as Ayamonte in Huelva, dependent upon Portuguese visitors for their daily trade, the result has been disastrous.

Sabotage of toll roads

The conversion of many roads in Portugal to toll roads, particularly the A-23 connecting with Andalucia, continues to cause controversy on both sides of the border and there have so far been three acts of sabotage reported since the system began on December 8th.

Alternatives to cancelled Madrid-Lisbon AVE rail link being discussed

The Portuguese Minister of Public Works, Alvaro Santos Pereira, is meeting with his Spanish counterpart, José Blanco, to discuss the cancelled AVE high-speed train link project between Lisbon and Madrid and to propose alternative rail link possibilities between the two countries.

Flight cancellations due to Portuguese general strike

A general strike in Portugal today, Wednesday November 24th, has caused the cancellation of virtually all the fifty daily flights between Barajas and the Portuguese airports of Lisbon and Oporto. Iberia have cancelled 12 flights, TAP have cancelled 16, EasyJet 6 and Ryanair 2.

Fires in Portugal

There are currently 23 fires burning in Portugal, with 13 being categorised as being large, and around 45,000 hectares of land has so far been destroyed.

Griñán in Portugal

During an official visit to Portugal, the president of the Junta de Andalucia, José Antonio Griñán, apologised for his inability to speak Portuguese and announced his intention to make Portuguese the second foreign language in secondary schools.

Two Iberian Lynx cubs born in Portugal

Good news for a change with two Iberian Lynx cubs being born in captivity in Luso, Portugal, after Spain provided the centre with a five year old female by the name of ‘Orange Blossom’.