Airports punished over Bottled Water prices

Now following numerous complaints from residents and holidaymakers the government has ordered the Spanish Airports Authority, AENA to regulate the price of water in all airport shops and vending machines. Some airport shops were selling a half litre bottles of water for 3.50€ which is more than ten times the price you would normally pay in the supermarket. The new …

Cheaper fares between Málaga and Madrid

Iberia Express is reducing the price of flights between Málaga and Madrid by up to 73% in order to try and compete with the AVE high-speed rail service between the two cities.


Having just read that the official line that CPI had gone down by two points, thus theoretically making things cheaper, I was not amazed to see that prices in the shops were once again on the upward trend. One item of food I regularly buy had gone up from €1.59 to €2.65, another from €1.99 to €2.29 and a third …

More of the same for 2013

The new year is almost upon us and, after a year of price rises, tax hikes and new charges, 2013 is due to start with another barrage of increases. Electricity goes up by 3%, commuter and middle distance train fares up by an average 3%, postage up by 2.7%, intercity bus tickets up by 6% and Telefonica can now increase …

Resale property prices continue to decline

The average resale price of houses in October 2012 stood at €1,926 per square metre, down 0.9% on September, down 9.9% on October 2011 and with a cumulative decrease of 65% since April 2007. The figures form part of a report produced by IESE and Fotocasa.

Butane gas and electricity prices go down tomorrow

The TUR – Tariff of Last Resort – will decrease by an average of 2.29% as from tomorrow, October 1st 2012, bringing slightly lower electricity costs to around 20 million users.

Average shopping basket almost 7% more expensive since IVA hike

A study by the Organization has found Consumers and Users (OCU) of 10,000 prices in major supermarket chains shows that while most major companies announced that they would be absorbing the September IVA hike,  prices  of leading brands have gone up on average between 0.8% (Carrefour) and 2.6% (Mercadona).

New Year price check

The new year begins with a number of price increases, although users of the butano gas bottles can heave a sigh of relief as the price of those has been frozen for the first quarter at a maximum of €15.09 for a 12.5 litre bottle.