President of Málaga Council announces two new projects

The president of Málaga Council, Elias Bendodo, has announced two projects, a coastal path of 184 kilometres between Nerja and Manilva and free WiFi connections in the centres of 80 municipalities in the province.

Projects discussed in Madrid

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has been in Madrid to meet with the Deputy Director General of the Department of Coasts to discuss a number of projects relating to Nerja.

Moreno and Bendodo in Nerja

The president of the PP in Andalucia, Juanma Moreno, accompanied by the president of the PP in Málaga and president of the Provincial Council, Elias Bendodo, were in Nerja on Friday for a ‘working meeting’ with the PP mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo.

Two new projects approved

The Council has approved two new projects, the development of calle Juan de la Cierva and the construction of a kiosk with toilets in Parque Verano Azul. The projects will be funded through the Plan for the Promotion of Agricultural Employment 2014. Naturally.

Still plugging away

The PP government has presented a motion requesting the Junta de Andalucia to make provision in its budget for 2014 for a number of Nerja projects deemed to be outstanding, these including the Health Centre, Fire Station and the Employment and Training Centre.

Anti-flooding projects in Archidona

Archidona Council has completed improvements to the drainage system for rainwater from El Llano, designed to prevent flooding in the future.

Plan Proteja projects in Torremolinos

A number of projects are being planned in Torremolinos using funds from the Plan Proteja, a scheme from the Junta de Andalucia to create employment.

Major projects in Archidona

If all goes according to plan, the people of Archidona should see the completion of two major projects during the summer, these being the upgrading of the football ground and a new feria ground.

Early electioneering?

The national deputy of the Partido Popular in Málaga, and former Health Minister and Mayor of Málaga, Celia Villalobos is the latest to announce that if the PP wins the regional elections in 2012 then several ‘important’ projects for Nerja will be ‘unlocked’.