Police catch conmen in the middle of a 145,000€ Costa del Sol real estate scam

rip deal scam Costa del Sol

Two young men of Croatian nationality were arrested by National Police after trying to scam Costa del Sol property owners in a “rip deal.”   A “rip deal” is a popular scam where the perpetrators pass themselves off as investors looking to purchase a property. According to a National Police statement, the scam involves using the “exchange of bank notes, …

Spanish property prices are on the rise

According to Spain’s Statistical Office house prices are rising in the Balearics and along the coasts of Malaga and Alicante. The increase in prices is being fuelled by foreign buyers from Britain, Belgium and Scandinavia picking up properties priced well below the highs seen in 2007/2008.   Looking at reports filed for April of this year the amount of mortgages …

New tax form for non-residents

The non-residents tax form 214 has now been replaced with form 210, although the contents remain very similar.

Martinsa-Fadesa files for bankruptcy protection

The Spanish property developer Martinsa-Fadesa has become the first victim of the property market crisis in Spain, filing for bankruptcy and protection from its creditors.