Bar Colorao closed for renovation

Bar Colorao in Plaza de la Ermita, Nerja, is closed and undergoing a total renovation. The interior has been gutted. Perhaps not before time.

Renovation of benches

The Council is in the process of renovating the furniture in some of the squares and public spaces in the municipality and the benches, tables and chairs at El Pinarillo have already been repaired.

Restoration of old sugar mill completed

Vélez-Málaga Council has apparently finished the renovation of the old Virgen del Carmen sugar mill building in Torre del Mar, a project which has already cost €2.5 million and taken nine years to complete.

Phase one of promenade project finally finished

The first phase of the renovation of the promenade in Torre del Mar, originally scheduled to be completed in June 2012, is now finished and the Council has signed the certificate of acceptance.

Renovation of the remainder of calle El Barrio

The Council has signed a contract with Transportes Antelo to complete the renovation of calle El Barrio, the section connecting with avenida Castilla Perez, and work could begin next week. The project has a current budget of €280,000 and is presently scheduled to be completed i four months.

Renovation of calle Camelia 60% complete

The renovation of calle Camelia in Almayate is apparently 60% complete, according to the Councillor for Urban Planning and Infrastructure, Concepción Labao, and should be finished in May 2013. The project is costing €168,317  and is being funded through the Program for the Promotion of Employment in Agriculture (Profea).

Torre del Mar promenade not ready until at least July 14th

Despite a commitment to complete the renovation of the Torre del Mar promenade before the beginning of July, one of the busiest months of the year in the resort, the work will not now be completed until at least July 14th.

Pasaje Chaparil renovation complete

The renovation of pasaje Chaparil, the alley joining calle Chaparil with calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’ near the Supersol supermarket, is complete and looking quite quaint.

Renovation of pasaje Chaparil

Work has started on renovating pasaje Chaparil, the alley linking calle Chaparil and calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’ near the Supersol supermarket. The works are costing €30,000 and are expected to take less than a month to complete.