Seniors and the swimming pool

Activities for Seniors at the Municipal Swimming Pool will commence next Monday, having been rather delayed due to the need to carry out repairs to the facility. The Council apologises for the delay.

Three free workshops for Seniors

The Council is organising three free workshops (in Spanish) for Seniors, these being memory stimulation, a literary workshop and a workshop on alternative therapies.

Christmas meal for Seniors

On Monday December 22nd from 14:00 it is the traditional Christmas meal for Seniors at the Cueva de Nerja restaurant in Maro.

Water activities for seniors

The registration period is now open for seniors wishing to participate in the water activities scheduled to take place in the indoor swimming pool as from September 15th 2014.

Exercise for the elderly during the summer

This year the Council is going to hold gymnastics workshops at the beach for senior citizens, these activities taking place under the supervision of sports instructor.

Senior excursion to Málaga

A group of sixty seniors from Nerja and Maro went on a cultural visit to Málaga on Thursday, the trip organised by the Nerja and Málaga Councils.

Active Ageing programme to continue

The Active Ageing programme, which began last September, has ended for this season. Around 120 seniors, divided into four groups, attended the twice-weekly sessions in the municipal swimming pool. A new season will begin on September 15th 2013 and the deadline for applications is July 15th.

Senior moment at the Feria

As the Feria continues, Adela Cortés Molina, aged 88 years, has been elected Grandmother 2012 and 87 year old Antonio Prados Ramírez is Grandfather 2012. María Heredia Heredia is the Senior Feria Queen 2012 and Joaquín Trigueros Prados is the Senior Knight 2012.