Fatal shooting in Burunchel

A 31-year-old man died on Friday after being shot during a hunt at a farm in Burunchel, Jaén.

Fatal shooting in La Mojonera

Guardia Civil officers in Almeria have arrested one man for allegedly killing an innocent 24-year-old youth in what was supposed to be a settling of scores in relation to drugs trafficking.

One wounded in shooting incident in El Ecija

The National Police in Sevilla are searching for the perpetrator of a shooting which left a 34-year-old woman from the Valle district of El Ecija with a bullet wound to the side.

Politician shot dead in León

Isabel Carrasco, aged 59 years, head of the provincial government in León and a member of the governing People’s Party (PP), was shot dead on Monday afternoon as she crossed a footbridge over the rio Bernesga in León.

Fatal shooting in Estepona

National Police are searching for the former partner of a 49-year-old British national found dead yesterday at his home in avenida Playas del Sol in the Cancelada area of Estepona.