Mortuary for Sierra de Yeguas

Sierra de Yeguas Council has put out to tender the project for the construction of a mortuary in the municipality, the successful bidder having the option to operate the service for a maximum period of 75 years.

Sierra de Yeguas to pay its debts

The Mayor of Sierra de Yeguas, Miguel Ángel Sánchez (PP), has announced that a total of 905 outstanding invoices to suppliers, relating to the period up to December 2011 and valued at €1,078,000, will be paid under the Royal Decree 4/2012 dated February 23rd 2012 and approved by the Central Government.

No official New Year celebrations in Sierra de Yeguas

The Council in Sierra de Yeguas has reduced the Christmas lighting by 50% this year and will not be erecting a marquee in the Plaza de Andalucia or providing musical entertainment for the New Year celebrations. The savings as a result of this action, estimated at around €6,000, are allegedly going towards paying off municipal creditors.

Sierra de Yeguas without drinking water

The 3,500 residents of Sierra de Yeguas have been without drinking water for the whole of July, a situation likely to continue for another two months.