Doctors in Malaga claim that stopping smoking and sunbathing reduce the risk of MS


Following a surge in the number of multiple sclerosis cases in the Malaga region, doctors are advising people to stop smoking and spend more time in the sun.   20 years ago, doctors in the region only diagnosed 600 cases of MS per year, but this figure has now doubled to 1200 cases per year today. A lack of vitamin …

Proceedings opened relating to an incident in 2011

The Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 3 in Vélez-Málaga has ordered the opening of oral proceedings against three residents, two police officers and the Council relating to an incident which occurred in January 2011 during the introduction of the smoking ban in bars.

Marbella restaurant owner says he will not pay fine

The owner of the ‘Asador de Guadalmina’ in Marbella, José Eugenio Arias, has announced that he no intention of paying the €145,000 fine imposed on him by the Junta de Andalucia for persistent infringement of the new Anti-Smoking Law, particularly as his appeal has not yet been heard.

Smoking U-turn in Holland

Holland has become the first country in Europe to overturn, at least partially, the blanket ban on smoking in bars and cafes.

Reform of Anti-Tobacco Law delayed

The Minister of Health, Trinidad Jiménez, has announced that although the Anti-Tobacco Law will be reformed this year to prohibit smoking in all enclosed public places, it is unlikely to occur until the second half of 2010.

Junta de Andalucia to raise ‘smoking’ issue

The Junta de Andalucia intends to meet with the Ministry of Health to discuss the issue of ‘adapted smoking areas’ before the amendment to the tobacco laws comes into effect.

Smoker loses case against the state

A 75 year old Spanish smoker, Francisco Muñoz Bermúdez, now suffering from cancer, has lost his case for compensation from the state. Muñoz was claiming €300,000 compensation from the state because, up until 1998, the tobacco company Tabacalera was state owned. He was claiming that he only smoked brands made by Tabacalera and had not been warned of the dangers …

Black bags and fags…

Thanks again to Ron for sharing his ‘bits’ with us, keeping us up to date with the loony goings on back in the asylum, particularly when it comes local authorities and Health and Safety, two areas where lunacy currently appears to be rampant and out of control. A shopkeeper in Muswell Hill was fined 300 pounds and threatened with criminal …