Government considering declassification of Civil War documents

The Spanish Government is ‘considering’ a request to declassify around 10,000 documents relating to the Civil War and post-war period (1936-1968) which are no longer considered a threat to national security and which would shed light on the creation of concentration camps and ‘labour battalions’.

Shell found on Torrox Costa beach

A fisherman discovered an unexploded mortar shell from the Spanish Civil War close to Ferrara Playa in Torrox Costa.

Big Brother was watching

According to newly released MI5 files, many more British and Irish set off to join the International Brigades in Spain to fight against Franco than has generally been cited by historians.

Mass grave in Cazalla de la Sierra, Sevilla

Excavation of a mass grave in Cazalla de la Sierra, Sevilla, has so far uncovered the remains of eight people who were shot in 1936 and 1937, with shell casings in the vicinity of the bodies. It is thought that the grave, several layers deep, could contain as many as 300 corpses.