Malaga’s “Banksy” is replicating Masterpieces on the streets of Europe


Malaga artist, 23-year-old Julio Anaya Cabanding has captured the public’s attention with his street art that depicts stunning replicas of some of the world’s most iconic paintings. After sourcing derelict building or neglected spaces the former Malaga University of Fine Arts pupil replicates paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Lucian Freud complete with their trompe l’oeil gilded frames. While speaking about …

Local residents get the pruning

Nerja Street Pruning

After more than four years of complaints from local residents the delegation of Parks and Gardens of Nerja Town Hall has carried out the needed pruning.

Mother gives birth on street

At around 08:30 on Saturday, 32 year old Cintia gave birth to a baby girl, Angela, in the doorway of her home in avenida de las Postas, Málaga.