Happy time

I suppose it was to be expected, everything else gets studied. A study into happiness levels on December 25th shows most people are so worried about things running smoothly they don’t truly enjoy themselves until early afternoon. And the time that people are the most happy (so you can plan ahead)?

Sherlock on the job

Scientists, no doubt spurred on by huge grants, continue to pursue important research destined to benefit mankind as a whole and answer some of those unanswered questions.

Boob job

Health and a long life, the hope of most people and for men, a new, but bizarre, study claims that staring at women’s boobs is beneficial to health and increases life expectancy. The study is the result of five years of study in which hundreds of men were forced to ogle at women on a daily basis.

Teenagers in Andalucía

The University of Jerez has been carrying out a study of teenagers in Andalucía and some of the results are quite disturbing.