Malaga’s hospital has excelled again in delicate brain surgery


A 17-year-old boy has had his world completely changed for the better following an operation to remove a brain tumour at the Hospital Regional in Malaga. The surgery was carried out to remove a tumour from the left area of the brain, a part of the brain that is responsible for language and was carried out while the patient remained …

Spanish doctors perform a groundbreaking operation on a patient with stage 4 cancer

a place in the sun filming in Spain

For the first time in history, Spanish doctors have performed surgery on a patient with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Previously considered inoperable, Surgeons at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona were able to operate successfully on a patient with terminal pancreatic cancer. The surgery involves a pioneering new technique which perforates the tumour allowing the cancerous cells to be burned …

And still they wait in Torre de Benagalbón

The new doctor’s surgery in Torre de Benagalbón has been finished for over a year now. It has all the necessary electricity, telephony and water, it just lacks furniture and staff, meaning that the 8,000 residents still have to travel to Rincón de la Victoria to see a doctor.

Man in serious condition after ingesting hashish

A 34 year old Moroccan national living in Torre del Mar is in hospital as a result of ingesting an unknown quantity of hashish. The man was taken to hospital in a serious condition after he failed to expel the hashish and lost consciousness and underwent emergency surgery. The police are investigating the incident.