Investigation into fishy goings on at Pescanova

The National Market Securities Commission (CNMV) has provisionally suspended the listing of Pescanova while it investigates possible abuse of the share market through actions that can disrupt the normal course of market operations. At the time of the suspension, Pescanova shares were at €5.91, down from €7.32 at the close of the previous session.

End of the tram service

The Velez-Malaga tram, the first of its kind in Andalucia, made its last journey on Sunday evening and the service is now suspended until further notice.

Preparations for suspension of tram service on June 4th

Vélez-Málaga Council and the transport company Alsa are finalising the expansion of the bus service in the town in preparation for the suspension of the tram service on June 4th. The plan is to introduce an extra three buses between Vélez and Torre del Mar and one between Caleta and Almayate.

Another reprieve for Vélez-Málaga tram system

The Vélez-Málaga tram system has had yet another reprieve as the Mayor, Francisco Delgado (PP), announced that it would not now stop functioning until April 2012 in the hope that any new government in Andalucia will oblige by providing funding.

Suspension of Vélez-Málaga tram system postponed again

In October, the mayor of Vélez-Málaga announced that the tram service between Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar would cease functioning on November 1st if no regional funding was forthcoming. A subsequent announcement postponed the suspension of service until November 14th.

Vélez-Málaga tram system still on schedule to cease as from November 1st

Vélez-Málaga Council has confirmed plans to suspend the tram service between Vélez and Torre del Mar as from November 1st and as part of the procedure, the tram concessionaire Travelsa has submitted a letter to the Council requesting the suspension of the tram and the temporary modification of the public transport service due to the inability of the Council to …

Blow to Málaga metro project

The Junta de Andalucia has decided to suspend indefinitely any further work on the section of the metro system between Alameda and Plaza de la Marina, the Parque and La Malagueta, citing a lack of funds as the reason for this action.

Two pupils suspended for aggression

Two students at the IES Sierra Almijara have been suspended for one month after a violent incident during a change of class.

Torrox suspends VPO project

Torrox Council has suspended the proposed sale of plots of land in Barranco de El Puerto for the construction of 152 VPO (subsidised) houses. The suspension is due to the discovery of irregularities in the tendering process.