British landlords may have to pay more tax on rental properties in Spain

Non-resident British landlords could see the amount of tax they pay on rental properties increase and the ability to claim expenses disappear. Tax changes following the UK’s departure from the European Union are likely to affect the Costa del Sol rental market, of which 50% is dependent on British buyers. Unless some kind of agreement is reached between the UK …

New charge for providing police reports

In Málaga city, a total of 36,000 requests have been received during the past three years for official Local Police reports relating to motoring incidents, mostly for the purpose of insurance claims. A new tax means that such a service will attract a charge as from February 15th 2014.

Ronda increases tax for occupation of public roads

Ronda Council has approved a 5% increase in the tax for occupation of public roads. In addition, this will now be levied based upon the area occupied rather than the number of tables and chairs.

New tax for 2013

A new tax approved by the Council at its recent plenary session relates to municipal procurement contracts. Those wishing to be considered eligible to bid for municipal procurement contracts will have to pay a fee/tax ranging between €30 and €70. This new tax will come into effect in 2013.

Proposed change to tax for industrial waste

The PSOE government in Torrox is proposing an amendment to the municipal ordinance relating to the tax rate for industrial waste, apparently to avoid some of the ‘incidents’ that have occurred in recent years. The proposal is a compromise reached between the Council and the business community.

Tarifa charges for taking vehicles to the beaches

Tarifa Council has imposed a tax on motorists taking vehicles to the beaches, €1.50 for cars and €5.00 for motor caravans, and have expressed surprise at the negative reaction to the measure.

Reintroduction of rubbish collection tax

Nerja Council has decided to reintroduce the household waste tax, abolished in 1992 and absorbed into the IBI (rates), due to the economic crisis and the need to start paying outstanding debts to suppliers.

Trade Associations want moratorium on bag tax

The Central Government is aiming to reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags in supermarkets by 50% by 2015, and while some regions have forged agreements to achieve this aim, Andalucia is the only region so far to opt to boost their coffers by introducing a tax.

Another tax being proposed

The Junta de Andalucia has announced plans to create a new tax on plastic bags for single use, the rate being 10 cents.