Last of the radial toll roads goes under

The R2 radial toll-road linking Madrid to Guadalajara has become the last of the highways set up under the former government of Prime Minister José María Aznar to go under and seek protection from its creditors.

39 arrested in toll road scam

Thirty-nine people have so far been arrested in Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and Sevilla in connection with the manufacture and sale of fake toll road passes that swindled about one million euros from Spanish toll road operators.

Potuguese toll roads not helping the economy in Huelva

It is one year since the Portuguese introduced tolls on motorways and in the area covering the Algarve and the region of Huelva, two-way trade has fallen by 43%. In towns such as Ayamonte in Huelva, dependent upon Portuguese visitors for their daily trade, the result has been disastrous.

Toll roads continue in decline

Since the start of the economic crisis in 2007, traffic on the toll roads in Spain has been steadily declining and is down 30%, its lowest level for fourteen years. Many people have reverted to using the alternative, and perfectly adequate, free roads covering the same routes.

Subsidies removed from toll roads

As from today, Sunday, the cost of driving on toll motorways will be 7.5% more expensive after the Central Government decided to withdraw subsidies to the concessionaires. In September, the price will rise by another 3% due to the increase in IVA (VAT).

Sabotage of toll roads

The conversion of many roads in Portugal to toll roads, particularly the A-23 connecting with Andalucia, continues to cause controversy on both sides of the border and there have so far been three acts of sabotage reported since the system began on December 8th.