Traffic restrictions on calle Diputación in Nerja

Vehicles will not be allowed to use the street between the hours of 12:00 pm and 01:00 am. (Calle Diputación is the left turning just off the main Street Calle Castilla Pérez in town and is the street where Meson de Antonio restaurant is located) The street will remain open to pedestrians and craft stall vendors throughout the holiday period.

El Playazo update

The Council has today been meeting with the owners of businesses on El Playazo beach to explain the current state of affairs. Due to complaints received from the owners of the Marinas de Nerja Hotel and some local residents, the Department of Coasts informed the Council that the track at El Playazo was to be closed to traffic and concrete …

Administrative irregularity means some traffic fines being refunded

Courts in a number of regions have been ordering the return of traffic fines, with interest, to offenders due to technical irregularities in the processing of sanctions as a result of the introduction of the Traffic Sanctions Board (Testra) in November 2010.

Four kilometre traffic queues at Gibraltar crossing

Road traffic between La Linea de la Concepción and Gibraltar came to a standstill yesterday afternoon with vehicles backed up for four kilometres and scuffles breaking out at various points in the queue.

Exodus weekend

The end of summer DGT traffic campaign has started and will continue until Tuesday evening, during which time 4.3 million motorists are expected to take to the roads in Spain.

Holiday traffic

Early weekend traffic problems seem to have eased after initial delays and congestion caused by the start of the summer holiday season.

The rush is on

The great exodus begins this weekend as half the population head for somewhere different.

The number of road traffic accidents in Nerja up by 34% last year

The number of motoring accidents in Nerja during 2007 rose by 34% compared to 2006 according to the latest Local Police figures. Much of the increase is put down to an increased volume in traffic and a rather large number of building projects going on in the town. The good news is that there were no fatalities or serious injuries …