Holiday Destinations and Useful Links

La Forja on avenida Mediterraneo is closed for ‘renovation’, Cafeteria Jamaica is closed for holidays until January 30th, the Basseri Taberna is still open but has a For Sale/Rent sign in the window, The Curry House is closed until February 15th and O’Malley’s in Plaza Tutti Frutti is up for sale.

Some other places to consider

Oh dear, I’m only one from eleven on this list of 11 Amazing Places You Need To Visit Once In Your Life. Several are places appearing on other lists, so they must be good one assumes.

Pack it in

A couple of possibly useful articles on packing for a Round the World trip and for Hand Luggage only. Some useful links, too.

Thoughts of elsewhere

An interesting approach, 30 Places You’d Rather Be Sitting Right Now.

Travel resources to save money

Saving money whenever possible, particularly when travelling, can never be a bad idea, so here are 40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune.

Lots to see before you go

If you missed the first part, never mind because here is the sequel. 101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part II)

Interesting choices

Nutritional supplements and natural medications to pack wherever you go travelling. The Traveller’s Medicine Cabinet: 5 Essential Drugs for the Road

Abandonment as a theme

Anyone interested in themes when choosing places to visit could always try the The world’s ten creepiest abandoned cities, it would certainly be different as well as interesting.

World wonders

Howard Hillman has travelled over one million miles and to over 100 countries to bring tips on places to go. Here you will find his recommendations, plus info, for 100 places to go before you die. I fared much better with this list than the previous ones, but still only managed a paltry 26/100. Must try harder.

On the move

Came across a site called BUG (Backpacker’s Ultimate Guide) and, clicking on Spain→Andalucia→Malaga, was rather surprised to find that the city appears to have moved to the Yorkshire Dales and is now called Malham. You live and learn. The new Malaga