Underground rubbish containers in Los Prados, Ronda

Ronda Council has completed the installation of underground rubbish containers in the village of Los Prados at a cost of €28,000. Local residents had complained about the existing rubbish collection areas which were in front of the school and next to a children’s play area. Similar containers are now planned for La Cimada.

Rubbish to go underground in Macharaviaya

Macharaviaya Council is set to begin the installation of two underground rubbish collection points, the first in the municipality, in a project valued at €40,000 and financed through the provincial Plan de Concertación 2011. The new collection points will be in calle Antonio de Gálvez and in the La Luz district.

Still ‘under wraps’

The new underground rubbish containers in calle Jaén, installed about a month ago, are still not in use. Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did in Plaza Tutti Frutti!