Septuagenarian and sex tapes

A man in his seventies has been arrested in Motril after recording intimate acts with a woman and then posting four videos online, one including the mobile phone number of the victim.

Maternal instincts

The wonderful sight of adult elephants rushing to the aid of a stricken youngster who managed to fall on his back and couldn’t get himself the right way round. They moved pretty smartly.

Misty morn…

Yet another sea mist this morning, rather a lot of them this summer. Quite cooling. It has been generally cooler (goosebumps at times) early morning and evening, most unusual for August.

Cherezade shoots video in Nerja

Film crews were once again in Nerja, this time to shoot a video for the singer Cherezade, a twenty-year -old singer from Granada who already has two best selling albums to her credit.

Out and About February 16th 2014…

Very changeable weather at the moment but Sunday was quite warm and there were quite a few people out and about, quite a few in shorts and t-shirts.

The Nerja Caves, where time stops

To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the discovery of the Nerja Caves, the Nerja Caves Foundation has produced a video entitled, ‘The Nerja Caves, where time stops’.

Like sardines…

Not even the threat of rain during this year’s Feria, amazing stuff. Good crowd at the Feria de Dia in Plaza Tutti Frutti, bit like it used to be at weekends a few years ago, packed.