Sardines in the square

The final part of the Virgen del Carmen celebrations takes place on Friday July 17th in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, with free sardines and drinks priced at €1.50.

Virgen del Carmen 2015

La Virgen del Carmen is the protectress of seamen, and on July 16th the coastal towns and fishing villages celebrate with parades and festivities in her honour.

Virgen del Carmen 2014…

A warm evening for the Virgen del Carmen procession and a calm sea for the journey to Calahonda beach.

Final evening of Virgen del Carmen celebrations

The final evening of the Virgen del Carmen celebrations took place in the Plaza de los Cangrejos on Wednesday evening with free sardines, beer and soft drinks at €1, spirits at €3.50 and a performance by Duo Compás.

Virgen del Carmen 2013 procession

The Virgen del Carmen procession wound its way through town from the Balcón de Europa to Torrecilla beach, crowds lining the streets to watch the spectacle.

Virgen del Carmen, drums

A little experiment here, the sound of the drums as the procession marched down avenida Castilla Perez…before marching back up again! [haiku url=”Drums.mp3″ title=”Virgen del Carmen – Drums”]

Virgen del Carmen 2012 photos

This year, the Virgen del Carmen procession marched all the way down to Torrecilla beach and then all the way back up again as the waves were too strong for the usual boat procession to Calahonda beach. There were still the fireworks, though.

Early(ish) Sunday morning stroll…

Sunday morning, 10:30, and work was going on in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos in preparation for the Virgen del Carmen celebrations, one of the petanca pistes being turned into a large sardine mound. And the bar was also being set up.