Families feel cheated

A number of families, 152 in total, feel that they have been cheated by Granada Council for VPO (subsidised) housing units which were supposed to have been completed in 2011 but have yet to be started.

Proposal for 10 VPO houses in Exotica

The Council is proposing to cede a parcel of land in SUP-8 (Exotica) to EPSA (the Andalucia Public Housing Company) for the construction of 10 social houses (subsidised). The proposal currently has the support of the governing PP and the IU but not the PSOE, although the government hopes to obtain the votes of all parties at the next plenary …

VPO projects in Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar

Vélez-Málaga Council has decided to dispense with the services of its own municipal housing company Emvipsa, which is €17 million in debt, and negotiate a deal with the Málaga provincial company Emprovima for the construction of VPO (subsidised) housing in Vélez and Torre del Mar.

12 VPO houses planned for Campillo del Vidrio

Nerja Council has given the green light to the transfer of a 694.78 square plot of land to Emprovima for the construction of 12 VPO (subsidised) houses in EU-47 or Campillo de Vidrio as it is also known, an area near the cemetery.

Social Housing Application Register

The Council is starting to compile a register of applicants for social housing (VPO) to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Housing of the Junta de Andalucia from July 1st 2009. That’s quick.

More subsidised housing in the planning

The Council has approved the cession of a plot of land (hopefully with the correct classification) to the public housing company EMPROVIMA for the construction of VPO (subsidised) housing for sale or rent in the area known as Campo de Vidrio in the UE.47 zone.

Green light to VPO project in Torrox

Torrox Council has given the green light to the agreement to transfer a 6,000 square metre plot of land at El Peñoncillo to the Empresa Pública de la Vivienda de la Diputación Provincial (Emprovima) for the construction of 32 VPO (subsidised) houses. The plot went on sale three years ago but the process had to be halted after a denuncia issued …

Torrox VPO project

Torrox Council has unanimously approved a motion by Councillor for Town Planning, José Luis Pérez Moreno (IU), to sign an agreement with the Provincial Public Housing Company, Emprovima, to cede a plot of land in El Peñoncillo for the construction of 32 VPO (subsidised) houses. The houses would be on the basis of ‘rent to buy’.

Torrox tries again with VPO project

The quadripartite government in Torrox is hoping that it’s a case of third time lucky as they attempt yet again to sell a plot of land for the construction of 152 VPO (subsidised) houses.