If it’s good enough for the rest of the world

You would think that politicians, amongst others, would have better things to do than waste time and taxpayer money on such matters, but you’d be wrong. Storm over ‘English’ term WC on roadsigns in Wales

Bog standard

A new record time has been set in the annual world bog snorkelling championships in Powys, Andrew Holmes from Halifax, West Yorkshire, taking less than 90 seconds to complete two lengths of a 55m trench and smash the previous record, set last year by Brecon’s Dan Morgan, by more than six seconds.

New world record

This year’s Bog Snorkelling Triathlon, held in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells, was won in world record time by 30 year old Dan Bent from Richmond in Surrey. The new record time was 2 hours 21 minutes and 5 seconds. The triathlon consists of a 7 and a half mile run, two lengths of the 135-foot long, six-foot deep …

Leave it to the experts

All official road signs in Wales are bilingual, so Swansea Council emailed its local translation service and then erected this magnificent board. Not bad. Except the Welsh translates as: ‘I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated’. In 2006, cyclists traveling between Cardiff and Penarth were left more than a little confused …