Water privatisation in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Despite continued protests, the Council in El Puerto de Santa Maria has approved the privatisation of the administration of the water supply, the company Aqualia acquiring 49% of the shares of the municipal water company Apemsa.

Investigation into water privatisation in Frigiliana

The Chief Prosecutor in Málaga, Antonio Morales Lázaro, has ordered the Court of First Instance and Instruction in Torrox to open a pretrial investigation into the privatisation of the water supply in Frigiliana to determine whether any criminal offence was committed during the adjudication process.

Frigiliana approves water privatisation

The ruling PA in Frigiliana under Mayor Javier López have used their absolute majority to approve the privatisation of the water supply, dismissing opposition PSOE and PP objections to the proposal.

Frigiliana and water privatisation

The PSOE in Frigiliana is asking the ruling PA to halt the proposed privatisation of the water and sewage supply and to hold a referendum on the subject to let the people decide.