El Borge without drinking water since Saturday

Residents in El Borge, Málaga province, have been without drinking water since Saturday as a result of damage caused to pipes during the storms. The Council has connected the water supply to a local well but stresses that this water is not for human consumption.

Interruptions to water supply on Tuesday October 16th

There will be interruptions to the water supply on Tuesday October 15th between 10:00 and 15:00  in calle Brasil, calle Almirante Ferrándiz, calle Alejandro Bueno, Plaza  Cantarero and avenida de Pescia. Once the water supply is restored, taps should be turned on for at least five minutes to flush out the system before any water is used.

Another group preying upon the elderly

There are reports of people  purporting to be from the World Health Organisation visiting homes in the area, particularly those belonging to the elderly, and telling the occupants that the water in the town contains lead and is not fit for drinking. Obviously a prelude to a sales pitch for water filters or the like, no doubt offered at a …

Interruptions to water supply on October 2nd

Improvements to the water network being carried out by Aguas de Narixa means that there will be interruptions to the supply on October 2nd between 08:00 and 15:00, the following areas being affected: calle Ruperto Andúez, Almirante Ferrándiz, Alejandro Bueno and the Barriada de las Protegidas.

Cuts in water supply on Wednesday

The water supply in large parts of Vélez-Málaga will be affected tomorrow, Wednesday July 4th, as engineers make an ispection, using a video camera, of the fault detected in the water supply pipes near the roundabout at the Fernando Ruiz Hierro Sports Centre.

Interruption to water supply on Friday June 15th

Due to improvements being made to the water supply, the water will be cut off on Friday June 15th from approximately 08:00 to 17:00 in urbanisation La Noria, urbanisation Pueblo Rocío, Pago de las Minas, Punto Limpio area and the Castillo Alto industrial estate.

Water to be cut off in Burriana beach area on Tuesday

Work being carried out by Aguas de Narixa to improve the water supply will mean that the Burriana area will be without water from roughly 08:00 to 15:00 on Tuesday May 22nd. After this time it is recommended that people in the Burriana beach area run the water for about five minutes in order to flush out and clean the …

Cost of water to go up on May 1st 2011

The cost of water in Andalucia will rise by €1.24 as from May 1st 2011 and is the result of the application of a canon in order to comply with a European Union directive to improve the water supply.

Important – Water supply 25/11/2010

The water supply to the entire town is due to be cut off between 11:00 and 15:00 (approximately and barring unforeseen developments) on Thursday November 25th due to repairs and improvements being carried out by the concessionaire, Aguas de Narixa.