Marbella aiming to be ‘smart’

Marbella is taking steps to become the first ‘smart’ tourist destination in Andalucia through the provision of an open network for wifi internet access on the streets, the first phase to be completed by Easter and before the elections.

Free wifi trial in central London

Nokia has switched on a trial of a free wi-fi service in central London which will continue until the end of the year. If the two-month trial is deemed a success, the Finnish company plans to turn it into a fully fledged free wi-fi service early in 2012. Free WiFi in central London

Free WiFi plan for London

Virgin Media is reported to be fairly close to launching a free public WiFi scheme in London that will challenge BT’s Openzone network, which charges for access. Virgin Media plans to install WiFi routers in its existing infrastructure, including the street-side cabinets that distribute its cable network into homes, and current talks with councils, said to be at an advanced …

Friends of Henchidero WiFi network in Antequera

The acting Mayor of Antequera, Ricardo Millán (PSOE), has announced the Friends of Henchidero WiFi Network, providing internet access to participants in various local training programs as well as to visitors, hikers, walkers and local residents.

WiFi information panels to be installed in Fuengirola

Information panels are to be installed in Fuengirola to show the location of eight places where free WiFi internet access has been made available. A street map will also show the location of public spaces, such as libraries, where free WiFi is available.

Another WiFi bar

The Cafeteria/Bar San Miguel (in the passage between calle Granada and avenida Castilla Perez, by the San Miguel school) is a WiFi area to add to the ever-growing list. It’s got a nice terrace, the tapas are good and the price is very reasonable so a good place for a quick surf if you’re out and about.

Bars, shops, santas and swifts…

Bar Martín, which was bulldozed to the ground the other day, was actually one of the oldest buildings in Plaza de la Ermita. The site doesn’t cover a very big area at all but the plans are to build offices and living accommodation. Kids R Us on avenida Castilla Perez, opposite the San Miguel school, is selling nearly new kids …

Wifi in Nerja

Another one to add to the list of bars and cafés offering WiFi internet connections to customers and that’s the Teteria Jardín Al Andalus at the far end (Parador end) of calle Carabeo.