A large municipality in terms of area, but relatively small as regards population, Almogía is part of the district (comarca) Valle del Guadalhorce.

The area is mountainous but not rugged terrain with the highest point being Santi Petri peak at 797 metres. Much of the land is covered by olive groves.

The town itself sits 363 metres above sea level and, as with so many towns in the area, is very Moorish in style with its whitewashed houses and narrow, sometimes steep streets. Also in common with many other towns in the area, it was an important link between the coast and the interior, and there are the remains of an old Roman road.

The residents of Almogía (known as Moriscos) became vassals of Castile after their surrender to the Catholic Monarchs, but later joined the Moorish rebellion that sprang up in the mountain regions in 1570. Captain Francisco Sánchez de Córdoba, with 500 men, squashed the rebellion and all those implicated in it were relocated to other areas.

A repopulation programme was carried out with long-time Christians from Antequera and Teba being brought in to resettle the area.


Area: 162 square kilometres
Altitude: 363 mtrs above sea level
Population: +/- 4,300
Distance from Nerja: 78 km
Driving Time: +/- 1 hour 20 mins


Places of Interest

The XVI Century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

The church is built on the site of a former mosque, as was often the case after the Christian reconquest of Spain, and the building was commissioned in 1552.

Capillo de Santo Cristo

Castillo de Almogía “Torre de la Vela”.

The castle was used as a defensive fortress between 1410 and 1487 and was later occupied by the Christians, who used it to keep the Mudéjars under control. Of the castle’s seven original towers only one, the Torre de la Vela, still stands.

The XVIII Century Ermita de las Tres Cruces.

A small chapel on the border with Almogía, Cártama and Álora and also close to Pizarra, each of the four towns has a small alter inside the chapel. It comes to the fore during the May Crosses celebrations when processions are held.

The XVIII Century Ermita del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

Located in the upper part of the town, it is attached to the Sagrado Corazón convent and features images of the patron saints San Roque and San Sebastián.

The XVIII Century Fuente de Hortezuela.

Lavadero La Noria

Built in the XIX Century, this washing area of thirty basins was used right up until 1990.

Local Cuisine

Local specialities include: Chanfaina (kid seasoned with almonds), Gazpachuelo, Ajoblanco and Salmorejo (cold soups) and Borrachuelos (wine buns).

Local Festivals

Carnavales (40 days before Semana Santa)

Semana Santa

Festival de Verdiales Ermita las Tres Cruces (1st Sunday in May)

Romería de San Isidro Labrador (Around May 15th)

Feria de Los Moras (June)

Feria de Barranco del Sol (June)

Feria de Arroyo Coche (1st weekend in July)

Feria de Monterroso (Middle of July)

Festival de Verdiales (August)

Feria de Almogía (Around August 15th)

Feria de Los Núñez (Beginning of September)

Día de la Almendra (First Sunday in October)

Useful Info

Town Hall
Plaza de la Constitución
Tel:  952 43 00 25
Fax: 952 43 02 29
E-mail [email protected]

Municipal Swimming Pool
Tel:  952 43 02 28

Casa de la Cultura
Tel:  952 43 05 57

Guardería Municipal
Tel:  952 43 02 93

Policía Local
Tel: 606 40 80 18 / 616 45 13 71

Protección Civil
Tel: 650 28 96 58 / 650 28 96 40

Guardia Civil
Tel:  952 43 00 16

Health Centre
Tel:  951 29 89 32

Post Office
Tel:  952 43 00 78

Tel:  952 43 00 03

Local Crafts

Cerámica Almexía
Calle Carril
Tel: 952430550

Cerámica Maribel Gómez
Calle Carril
Tel: 952430555

Realización de Sombreros de Verdiales
Lina Vergara Torreblanca
Calle Carril
Tel: 696553066

Where to Stay

Pensión – Hostal La Loma
Calle Arrabal de los Ángeles, 5
29150 Almogía
Tel: 952430089

Cortijo Las Flores
see: http://www.tierrarural.com/

Empresas de alojamiento rural
Avda. Juan Carlos I. Venta Garrido
29150 Almogía
Tel: 615366450 – 619860839
Email: [email protected]
Website: Llanos de la Venta

Hostal Posada de Almogía
Avd. Juan Carlos I
29150 Almogía
Tel: 952430897

Casa Rural Los Guerreros
Barriada Barranco de Zabra
29150 Almogía
Tel: 952431942

Hotel Puerto del Peral
Barriada Monterroso
29150 Almogía
Tel: 952430092

Alojamiento Rural Casa Téllez
Paraje de Téllez (Barriada Barranco del Sol)
29150 Almogía
Tel: 629847608

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