• Balcon de Europa

    Balcon de Europa, Nerja
    The Balcon de Europa, a rocky promontory, is the focal point of the town and generally regarded as the centre of Nerja for most purposes.

  • La Ermita

    La Ermita de Ntra.Sra. de las Angustias, Nerja
    Plaza de la Ermita
    La Ermita de Ntra.Sra. de las Angustias was completed in 1720, and the construction is a single nave covered with a half canon vault.

  • Iglesia El Salvador

    Iglesia El Salvador, Nerja
    Balcon de Europa
    The Church of El Salvador – iglesia El Salvador – is situated opposite the Balcón de Europa and close to what used to be the Guards Tower. It was erected in 1505, although the existing structure was not built until 1697.

    More detailed information Iglesia El Salvador.

  • Iglesia San Miguel

    Iglesia San Miguel, Nerja
    Plaza de Andalucia

  • Eagle Aqueduct

    Eagle Aqueduct
    The aqueduct is 2.7 kilometres from the Balcon de Europa (as the crow flies).
    More detailed information Eagle Aqueduct.

  • Plaza Balcón de Europa

    Plaza Balcon de Europa, Nerja
    Plaza Balcón de Europa is a central square, just off the Balcón de Europa, with numerous bars, cafes and restauarants to choose from.
    Bars/restaurants on the square:
    El Candil, Lizzaran, Bella Roma, Asian Ben, Julie’s Place, El Patio, Albi, Centurion.

    More detailed information Plaza Balcón de Europa.

  • Plaza Cavana

    Plaza Cavana, Nerja
    Plaza Cavana is a central square, just off the Balcon de Europa, which was totally renovated in 2010.
    From spring to autumn, the bars and restaurants have their terraces set out, both in the centre of the square and around the sides.
    Bars/restaurants on the square:
    La Fragata, Candela, MarBella, Bar Cavana, Cafeteria Hotel Plaza Cavana, Italica.

    More detailed information Plaza Cavana.

  • Plaza de Andalucia

    Plaza de Andalucia, Nerja

    More detailed information Plaza de Andalucia.

  • Plaza de España

    Plaza de España, Nerja
    Plaza de España was formerly Paseo Nuevo and is the site for the Nerja History Museum.

    More detailed information Plaza de España.

  • Plaza Cantarero

    Plaza Cantarero, Nerja
    Plaza Cantarero, also known as Orange Square, is a lovely square at the top end of town and is not far from a host of excellent tapas bars.

    The square has an ornamental fountain and is a great place to sit and watch the world go by. There is one bar/cafe using the square as a terrace.

    More detailed information Plaza Cantarero.

  • Plaza Clara Campoamor

    Plaza Clara Campoamor, Nerja
    Plaza Clara Campoamor is located towards the far end of calle Carabeo and links calle Carabeo with Los Huertos de Carabeo.

    The square is named after Clara Campoamor, 1888 to 1972, a leading Spanish feminist and campaigner for women’s rights.

    More detailed information Plaza Clara Campoamor.

  • Plaza Cronista Pepe Pascual

    Plaza Cronista Pepe Pascual, Nerja
    Plaza Cronista Pepe Pascual was inaugurated in 2010 and is named after a leading journalist for the newspaper SUR.

    The square has a small statue of Pepe Pascual but as yet has no cafes or bars adjoining the square.

    More detailed information Plaza Cronista Pepe Pascual.

  • Plaza Garcia Caparros

    Plaza Garcia Caparros, Nerja
    Plaza Garcia Caparros is a small square located between avenida Castilla Perez and calle Antonio Millon, not far from Plaza Tutti Frutti.

    On the square itself there are two tapas bars, both with terraces, Fin de Siglo and La Tahona Holandesa.

    More detailed information Plaza Garcia Caparros.

  • Plaza de la Ermita

    Plaza de la Ermita, Nerja
    Plaza de la Ermita is another square which was totally renovated in 2010.

    Several bars/tapas bars are in the area, although not actually in the square itself, these being:
    Antelo, Colorao, Hostal La Ermita and Cafeteria Nerja.

    More detailed information Plaza de la Ermita.

  • Plaza del Olvido

    Bar Joanny, Nerja
    Plaza del Olvido is a quiet square on calle Frigiliana with two very good bar/cafes, Bar Joanny and Fusion Food and Lounge. Both establishments have terraces on the square.

    More detailed information Plaza del Olvido.

  • Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos

    Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, Nerja
    This is a large square overlooking Torrecilla beach and is often used for concerts and in the summer months is the scene of numerous activities for people of all ages on a daily basis.

    There are some lovely plants in the square. There are also two petanca courts, free to use.

    Plenty of bars and restaurants in the square, including:
    Bamboo, Maria Bonita, Italiano, Da Vinci, Amazonias, Steakhaus, Mirasol.

    More detailed information Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos.

  • Plaza La Marina

    Plaza La Marina, Nerja
    Plaza La Marina is a reasonably sized square just off avenida Castilla Perez with a very good, and popular, playground for the kids.

    There are several bars and restaurants in the square, these being:
    La Marina (excellent fish tapas bar and restaurant), Sol y Mar, Taperia La Plaza, Cafeteria Karabeo and La Pata Negra.

    More detailed information Plaza La Marina.

  • Plaza Maria Zambrano

    Plaza Maria Zambrano, Nerja
    Plaza Maria Zambrano

    Secluded square lined with orange just off avenida de Pescia.

    More detailed information Plaza Maria Zambrano.

  • Plaza las Terrazas

    Plaza las Terrazas, Nerja
    Plaza Las Terrazas

    Secluded square lined with orange and lemon trees just off avenida Castilla Perez.

    More detailed information Plaza Las Terrazas.

  • Plaza Tutti Frutti

    Plaza Tutti Frutti, Nerja
    Plaza Tutti Frutti is the centre of nightlife in Nerja, with numerous music bars. Very quiet during the day, but a mass of humanity at night, particularly on summer evenings.

    There is music to suit all tastes and the bars include:
    Safari, El Ancla, Tutty Bajamar, O’Malleys, Pub Seven, Agora, Tantra, Thebas, Bulovar, Tamareo, Eskape and La Guarida.

    From the Balcón de Europa

    Total distance: 0.56 km
    Walking time: 05:05
    Average walking speed: 6.61 km/h
    Max elevation: 105 m
    Min elevation: 71 m
    Elevation gain: 16 m

    More detailed information Plaza Tutti Frutti.

  • Plaza de las Monjas

    Plaza de las Monjas, Nerja
    Plaza de las Monjas is a small square just off avenida Castilla Perez with a nice cafe, San Miguel, where you can enjoy a nice drink and a tapa on the terrace.

    More detailed information Plaza de las Monjas.

  • Plaza calle Zurbarán

    Plaza calle Zurbarán, Nerja
    An as yet unnamed but well laid out and attractive square at the top end of town just past the Local Police station.

    More detailed information Plaza Calle Zurburan.

  • Parque Verano Azul

    Parque Verano Azul, Nerja
    Parque Verano Azul, behind the Supersol supermarket at the western end of Nerja , is well worth a wander.
    There are petanca courts, a children’s play area, lots of nice trees and plants, a replica of the famous ‘La Dorada’ boat from the old TV series ‘Verano Azul’, a statue made from stones donated by all the EU member states…..

    More detailed information Parque Verano Azul.

  • Puente Viejo

    Puente Viejo, Nerja
    The cobbled Puente Viejo – Old Bridge – was originally built in 1860 but has twice had to be rebuilt after being washed away by floods, the last time being in 1979.

    More detailed information Puente Viejo.

  • Santo Cristo

    Santo Cristo shrine, Nerja
    Nice shrine on the old N-340 coastal road heading for Maro.

    More detailed information Santo Cristo.

  • Rapto de Europa

    Rapto de Europa, Nerja
    Sculpture by Aurelio Teno at the western entrance to Nerja.

    More detailed information Rapto de Europa.

  • Nerja Caves

    Nerja Caves, Nerja
    The famous and fabulous Nerja Caves – Cuevas de Nerja – which were discovered in 1959 and should be on any ‘must see’ list.

    More detailed information The Nerja Caves.

  • Waterfall

    Waterfall, Nerja
    See Nerja Waterfall for detailed instructions on how to get here on foot or by car.
    Waterfall, Nerja

  • Fabrica San José

    Fabrica San Jose, Nerja
    The Fábrica San José was built by the Martinez Manescau brothers and Gabriel Rodriguez Navas back in 1870.

    Three years later, the property came into the hands of the powerful Larios family and they proceeded to turn the building into one of the most important sugar factories in Nerja.

    The factory continued to be fully operational until 1968.
    Fabrica San Jose, Nerja

  • Fabrica San Miguel

    Fabrica San Miguel, Nerja
    One of the lesser known listed sites of interest in Nerja is the old Fabrica San Miguel on Calle Puente Viejo, although except for the archway, little remains of the sugar factory apart from a few crumbling walls here and there.

    More detailed information Fabrica San Miguel.

  • Robert Halding Sculpture

    Sculpture 1, Nerja
    At the roundabout near the Supersol at the western end of town is this sculpture by Robert Halding.

    More detailed information Robert Halding Sculpture.

  • Cave Rock

    Cave Rock, Nerja
    A piece of rock from the Nerja Caves, located in the centre of town in calle Pintada near the junction with calle La Cruz.

    More detailed information Caves Rock Sculpture.

  • Sculpture 2

    Sculpture 2, Nerja
    A sculpture by Aurelio Teno with an incredibly long title.

    More detailed information Caves Rock Sculpture.

  • King Alfonso XII Statue

    King Alfonso XII, Nerja
    A statue of King Alfonso XII located on the Balcón de Europa.

    More detailed information King Alfonso XII Statue.

  • Antonio Mercero Sculpture

    Antonio Mercero, Nerja
    Antonio Mercero’s chair, a tribute to the director who brought the TV programme Verano Azul to the screen in the 1970’s. Located on the promenade at Burriana beach.

    More detailed information Antonio Mercero Sculpture.

  • Aurelio Teno Sculpture

    Rapto de Europa, Nerja
    The Rapto de Europa by sculptor Aurelio Teno stands at the western entrance to Nerja as you arrive from Torrox on the N-340.

    More detailed information Aurelio Teno Sculpture.

  • Caves Discoverers 1

    Caves discoverers, Nerja
    Tribute to the discoverers of the Nerja Caves and located on the Balcón de Europa.

    More detailed information Caves Discoverers Sculpture.

  • Caves Discoverers 2

    Caves discoverers, Nerja
    Tribute to the discoverers of the Nerja Caves and located near to the entrance to the Nerja Caves.

    More detailed information Caves Discoverers Sculpture.

  • Nerja History Museum

    Nerja History Museum, Nerja
    Nerja History Museum
    Plaza de Espana
    29780 Nerja

    More detailed information Nerja History Museum.

  • Mirador Del Bendito

    Mirador Del Bendito, Nerja
    Viewpoint overlooking Carabeillo beach in Nerja.
    Mirador Del Bendito, Nerja

    More detailed information Mirador del Bendito.


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