El Playazo Beach

A great beach for water sports and even in peak summer isn't too crowded.

Nerja E Playazo Beach

El Playazo beach is situated at the western end of town and is the longest beach in Nerja.

Although there are plans to renovate the whole area at some stage, including the construction of a promenade, El Playazo is currently undeveloped, natural and unsophisticated.  This means that prices are more ‘normal’ in the various Chiringuitos.

If you are looking for English bars, Sky Sports, Internet cafés and sophisticated restaurants, then this isn’t the beach for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking to swim, sunbathe, play games on the beach and enjoy a good meal at a reasonable cost, then Playazo is the place to go.

El Playazo is a popular beach in summer, particularly with Spanish holidaymakers, and also gets packed during certain fiestas, such as San Juan (June 23rd/24th).

The hills make a lovely backdrop.

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There are currently four ‘chiringuitos’/restaurants/bars on the beachfront:

Mauri – nice little garden area.

chiringuitomauri mauri

Merendero Pepe Mesa.


Oasis – good all round bar/restaurant

oasis2playazo oasisplayazo


Facilities include:

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Lifeguard (summer)
  • Warning signals
  • Bars, Restaurants/chiringuitos
  • Kiosk
  • Sunbeds
  • Play areas for kids
  • Exercise equipment
  • Plenty of free car parking

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El Playazo beach, Nerja El Playazo beach, Nerja El Playazo beach, Nerja El Playazo beach, Nerja El Playazo beach, Nerja

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