Coín, chosen by the BBC as the setting for the humungously unsuccessful soap ‘Eldorado’, is situated in the fertile Rio Grande valley and has been in existence since Roman times, if not longer.

The Romans called it Lacibis and it became a market town and a transition point for minerals quarried to the south in the Sierra Blanca. Marble from these quarries was used in the construction of the Roman town of Italica, which once stood close to Seville, and the town was the birthplace, in 76AD, of the future emperor, Hadrian. The quarrying of marble and the mining of iron ore went on well into the 19th Century.

During the time of the Visigoths, who followed the Romans as rulers of the Iberian peninsula, the town appears to have been pretty much deserted and left to fall into ruin. The Moors resettled and rebuilt it around 929AD and virtually all of its Roman heritage was lost.

1485 saw the Christian reconquest and Coín was taken after a siege in which, according to legend, Christopher Columbus took part. Captain S. E. Cook of the Royal Navy visited Coín, along with Cártama and Alhaurín in 1829, and was impressed enough to write:

These villages are on rising ground above the river and in beauty of situation and cultivation cannot be excelled. They afford a specimen of the whole country when possessed by the Moors, being surrounded by gardens with orange, lemon and palm trees and abounding in all the fine as well as the more common fruits.

The orange tree is on Coín’s coat of arms.


Area: square kilometres

Altitude: mtrs above sea level

Population: +/-

Distance from Nerja: 90 km

Driving Time: +/- 1 hour 25 mins


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Town Hall
Tel: 95 245 3020
Tel: 95 245 3256

Cultural Centre
Tel: 95 245 3377

Coin Television
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Coín Radio
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Local Police
Tel: 95 245 3267

Guardia Civil
Tel: 95 245 0138
Tel: 95 245 0188

Fire Brigade
Tel: 95 245 0337

Red Cross
Tel: 95 245 3177

Civil Protection
Tel: 95 245 1547

Health Centre
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Health Centre – Emergencies
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Property Registry
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Post Office
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Taxi Rank
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Bus Station
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