Hunting is popular in Andalucia and, as a sport, it dates back to pre-Roman times. Restrictions were first introduced in 1772, with King Carlos IV, an avid hunting enthusiast, being responsible for the introduction of a series of rules and regulations.

However, it’s popularity as a sport has led several species to the verge of extinction, namely the brown bear and Iberian lynx. One species, the Pyrenean mountain goat, was declared extinct in 2000.

Hunting is generally permitted from mid-September to mid-February each year, with hunts being generally organised on private estates or run by hunting clubs.

Other organizations arranging hunting are local town council hunting groups, controlled intensive hunting grounds, controlled reserves and national hunting reserves.

The lynx, critically endangered, is the only protected species, though there are restrictions on certain types of bear. That means that deer, mountain goat (including the unique Spanish ibex), roebuck, wild boar, wolf and mountain sheep are all considered ‘fair game’.

Small game hunting is generally permitted all year round, although there are bound to be differing local regulations so you should always check things out first. You do need a license for hunting and you must comply with the laws regarding firearms.

The Nerja Town Hall, for example, usually grants a number of licenses for hunting in the Sierra Almijara and Tejeda by means of an auction! These are for mountain goat and sheep – thought hunting sheep, although obviously exciting (!) would be baaarred…..

Animals Hunted

Spanish ibex: A species unique to Andalucia and highly ranked as a hunting trophy.
Deer: Abundant in Andalucia, especially in the Sierra Morena.
Fallow deer (ciervo): Doñana, La Almoraima and the Sierras of Cazorla and Segura.
Roebuck (corzo): Parts of the Sierra Morena, Serania de Ronda and in the hills of Jerez and in La Almoraima.
Wild boar (jabali): Numbers are actually on the increase throughout Andalucía due to a lack of natural enemies.
Fox (zorro): Plentiful throughout Andalucía.
Rabbit (conejo): Plentiful throughout Andalucía.
Hare (liebre): Generally found in the fertile lowlands of Sevilla and Córdoba.

Birds hunted

Spanish red-leg partridge: The most popularly hunted bird.
Turtledoves, wood pigeons, quails, pheasants, thrushes and starlings are plentiful throughout Andalucía and are all hunted to eat.

Hunting methods

The Beat: Organised hunts take the form of beats and require a lot of careful preparation. Hunters wait for the the dogs to be turned loose and then shoot at any game they see, taking care that it is of the legally permitted size and age, of course.

Stalking: The lone hunter hides and waits for an animal to approach in search of food or water, or uses decoys to entice birds into the killing zone.

On Horseback: Lancing wild boar from horseback is an old, traditional method of hunting still practiced on flat, open terrain such as the Coto de Doñana.

Importing Firearms

Shotguns can be brought into Spain provided you obtain an international permit extension to your existing shotgun certificate, obtainable through your issuing police authority.

An arms licence, Type E, issued by the ‘Guardia Civil’, is required and can be obtained if the applicant :

Has no criminal record
Participates in a sport needing a shotgun
Passes a psychophysical and theory test proving knowledge of the arms and the current regulations.
Passes the practical arms handling test

(Regulation of Arms. Real Decreto (Royal Decree) 137/1993, January 29th.)

Useful contacts for animal hunting

Asociación Cinegetica Malagueña, 29001 Málaga. Tel. 952 276965
Monteria Peña El Agarre, Rosales 4, L2, 29001 Málaga. Tel. 670 590 392
Coto Cinegético Las Pedrizas, Málaga. Tel. 952 031 301
Percofan, Málaga. Tel. 952 714 202
Dcaza Servicios Cinegéticos s.l., Urb. Ciudasol Bl. 6, local 8, 11406 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. Tel: 956 082048,
Andres Panadero, Ecritor Mercado Solís, 5 y 7, 14011 Córdoba. Tel: 957 271847
Monteria Club de Monteros del Sur, Avda. De Mozarabes, 113, 14001 Córdoba. Tel: 957 410182
Monteria Juan de Dios Pliego Alfaro, Avda de Mozarabes, 13, 3.2, 14001 Córdoba. Tel: 957 410182
Peña Monteros de Córdoba, Saravia, 1,3-1, 14003 Córdoba. Tel: 957 474607
Monteria Cinegetica el Nevalo, C. Sevilla, 47, 14300 Villaviciosa de Córdoba, Córdoba. Tel: 957 361 189
Monteria Coto Prizcalejo, 14001 Villaciciosa, Córdoba. Tel: 639 058 490
Peña del Campo, P. Blas Infante, 5, 14740 Hornachuelos, Córdoba. Tel: 957 640 039
Cortijo El Ventorrillo, Compositor Ruiz Aznar, 16, 18800 Baza, Granada. Tel: 689 676 824
JC Altero, C. Iznallos-Guadahortuna, Km 11, 18560 Guadahortuna, Granada. Tel: 958 383 300
Monteria Cencerra s.a., Pol. La Estación, nave 4B, 23001 Andújar, Jaén. Tel: 953 501 943
Monteria Gescaza, C. Baños, 35, 23001 Linares, Jaén. Tel: 953 600 144
Serpa s.a., Martinez Montañas, 9, 23007 Jaén. Tel: 953 259 000
Monteria Chamocho Hermanos C.B., C. Hornos, 9, 23001 Andújar, Jaén. Tel: 953 500 682
Sierra Sur de Jaén, Población 23150, Valdepeñas de Jaén, Jaén. Tel: 659 555 924
Plata de Caballo, 28870 Escacen a del Campo, Huelva. Tel: 954 768 883

Useful contacts for bird hunting

Complejo Agrícola, Fernando Viola, s/n, Bl. 3, 11403 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. Tel: 956 307 267
Dcaza Servicios Cenigéticos S.L., Urb. Cuidasol Blq 6, l. 8, 11406 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. Tel: 956 082 048
Coto Intensivo en Puerto Real, Armeria Espada, 11011 Puerto Real, Cádiz. Tel: 956 591 287
Glenton España, Avda. San Enrique, s/n, 11312 San Roque, Cádiz. Tel: 956 326 283
Cinegetica Alcantara, Pl. de Portugal, 10, 14008 Córdoba. Tel: 957 480 737
Montetorralba, S.A., Carretera de San Calixto, km 15, 14740 Hornachuelos, Córdoba. Tel: 957 338 320
Club Deportito Posadas, Campo de Tiro Municipal La Sierrezuela, 14730 Posadas, Córdoba. Tel: 957 630 847
Cortijo El Ventorillo, Compositor Ruiz Aznar, 16, 18800 Baza, Granada. Tel: 689 676 824
Coto Puntales del Pino Grande, C. del Pantano de Negratin, 18860 Baúl, Granada. Tel: 608 459 673
San Xavier Comunidad de Bienes, C. de San Juan del Puerto, s/n, 21640 Zalamea la Real, Huelva. Tel: 959 508 327
Caza Santiago, Madrid 103, 23267 Aldeahermosa, Jaén. Tel: 953 404 006
Eduardo Guijosa Lopez, Calvario, 9, 23591 Larva, Jaén. Tel: 953 781 563
Montealegre Rosalejo, S.A., C. de Puertollano, km 38, 23740 Andujar, Jaén. Tel: 953 122 346
Patronato Inmaculada Concepción, C. Andujar, s/n Bajo, 23720 Villanueva de la Reina, Jaén. Tel: 953 122 083
Ciudalfi, S.A., Camino Sierra, Km 15, 23250 Santisteban Del Puerto, Jaén. Tel: 953 123 072
Manuela Colas Bermejo, Floridablanca, 21, 23200 La Carolina, Jaén. Tel: 953 680 771
Patronato Benefico Virgen de al Cabeza, C. Santuario Virgen de la Cabeza, Km 20, 23740 Andujar, Jaén. Tel: 953 122 363
Coto las Pedrizas, Finca las Navajillas, C. N331, Km 334, 29200 Antequerra, Málaga. Tel: 952 031 301
Marbella Gun & Country Club, Cuesta de la Herrera, s/n, 29110 Monda, Málaga. Tel: 952 112 161
Chirivia, S.A., C. de Fuente Ovejuna, Km 421, 41380 Alanis, Sevilla. Tel: 955 954 213
Los Castellares, C. General Freire, 12, 41410 Carmona, Sevilla. Tel: 954 141 605