Sayalonga is a small, ‘White Village’, built on the hillside with characteristically narrow, steep and winding streets, some of them stepped. Sayalonga, Malaga province The cemetery, the ‘Cementerio Redondo’ is unique in Spain and is, as the name suggests, circular in shape. Well, nearly. It’s actually octagonal if the truth be known. Legend has it that it was built this way because the inhabitants of Sayalonga did not want to have their backs to anyone else. As good an explanation as any, I suppose.


Area: 18 square kilometres Altitude: 35 mtrs above sea level Population: +/- 1,200 Distance from Nerja: 24 km Driving Time: +/- 30 mins

Places of Interest

16th century Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Catalina Labranza 16th century Ermita de San Cayetano 19th century Cementerio Redondo Iglesia de San Pedro in Corumbela. This former minaret was adapted for use as a belfry whilst still maintain its Arabic structure. Molino Árabe in Zujeila Batajiz Necropolis

Local Cuisine

Local specialities include: Nisperos (juniper fruit), Arenques Asados (spit-roasted herrings), Migas (fried breadcrumbs with bits of meat), Gazpacho (chilled tomato, garlic and vegetable soup), Potaje de Hinojos (fennel stew) and Calabaza Frita con Orégano (fried pumpkin with oregano).

Local Festivals

Dia de Andalucía (Feb 28th) Día del Níspero (May 9th) Feria de Corumbela (1st week in July) Feria de Sayalonga (3rd week in July) La Virgen del Rosario (October 7th) Romería de San Pedro in Corumbela (October 29th)

Useful Info

Tourist Office Tel: (0034) 95 253 52 06

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