Frigiliana is getting ready for the opening of its first public car park, a mere eighteen months behind schedule.

It is hoped that the new 500 place car park, started six years ago, will open before Easter. The €7 million project is currently 18 months behind schedule and there are still a few minor problems to be sorted out before it can get its opening license. One of those is the electricity supply. The electric company Sevillana has insisted that a transformer be built on the site and that overhead cables, over the car park itself, must be removed. Once this work is completed, an opening license can be issued and the car park can be inaugurated.

The agreement signed with the promoters gave the ‘plaza’ area above the car park to the Council as well as 700 square metres within the building to be used as a warehouse for vehicles which end up being towed away.

The whole car park building is on four floors and includes a shopping mall with 32 shops spread over two floors.

Once the place is actually open for business, the routing of traffic in the area will be ‘rearranged’ accordingly.

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