Business or pleasure?

Esperanza Oña, PP spokesperson in Andalucía, is questioning the motives behind proposed publicly funded trips to the Caribbean.

Esperanza Oña, spokesperson for the PP in the Andalucía parliament, is asking the vice-president of the Junta de Andalucía, Gaspar Zarrías, to explain the motive and budget earmarked for trips to Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

The PP are keen to know why such trips, financed by public funds when Andalucians are losing jobs and facing an economic crisis, have been planned. According to the PP, such trips occur quite regularly and generally to the same locations.

Esperanza Oña described the trips as ‘politically indecent’ and commented that the vice-president, Gaspar Zarrías, always travels with an entourage superior to that of Queen Sofia and invariably includes a Canal Sur TV crew.

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