Power cuts in Los Boliches

For the second summer running, residents in some areas of Los Boliches have been suffering power cuts and are none too happy about it.

The power cuts tend to start around midday and often last until about five o’clock in the afternoon. Sevillana-Endesa blames the blackouts an overload of the infrastructure relating to low-voltage lines. They also ctiticise consumers for exceeding the contracted consumption. Consumers, on the other hand, say this is not possible as Sevilana-Endesa doesn’t actually supply more than the contracted amount of electricity and they want to see improvements in the infrastructure to avoid these problems.

The blackouts not only cause problems for normal, every day tasks such as banking, but are not good for businesses whose stocks consist of perishable goods, especially in the summer heat. Some are suggesting a compensatory reduction in the monthly charge, although it does not solve the problems they face.

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