Portillo bus strike is over

The strike by workers employed by the bus company CTSA Portillo is over following six hours of ‘intense’ negotiations.

The strike began a week ago with only the required minimum service of 25% being maintained. Around 40,000 passengers a day were affected by this industrial action, mainly along the Western Costra del Sol but also affecting Sevilla, Cádiz and Córdoba to some degree.

Negotiations between the Unions (UGT, CCO, CGT and SITP) and executives from CTSA Portillo resulted in a pre-agreement which was later overwhelmingly accepted by the workers in a ballot with 237 votes in favour and 37 against.

The new pay package includes a progressive pay rise, €30 in 2009 and a further €20 in 2010, supplements for Sundays, holidays and special services, two rest days a week and a general pay rise for next uyear of 1.5% above the CPI.

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