An expensive misadventure

A Spanish couple, on a tour of Norway’s fjords, were forced to break their journey in Stavanger for medical reasons. Once resolved, the couple, in their fifties, decided to rejoin their boat in Olden.

Hailing a taxi, the couple headed off. The 560 kilometre journey cost them €1,875, and they even gave the taxi driver a generous tip.

After spending the night in a hotel, the couple went down to the port to rejoin their boat and continue their luxury tour. However, their cruise ship was nowhere to be seen and it was only then that they discovered they were in Halden and not Olden.

The taxi driver had obviously misheard them and taken them in completely the wrong direction. So it was back into a taxi for a 610 kilometre journey to the correct port, costing them another €1,975 and making €3,870 in total.

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