‘Dumping for Dummies’ – the movie

Now then children, are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin….

Wyre Borough Council has brought out a 10 minute DVD called ‘How to Recycle in your Home’. Rather than put stickers on bins telling people which type of rubbish can go in the bin, or producing a list, they have gone to the expense of producing a DVD.

This, of course, at the same time as closing a local swimming pool through lack of funds.

The video itself is condescending and patronising, to say the very least. And they even suggest washing your rubbish first!!! Perhaps it was originally intended for internal Council use but was found to be too complex.

It contains some real gems, so you can watch it HERE…. Counseling sessions have been arranged for survivors.

One serious omission in the video, though. They didn’t tell you which bin to put it in!

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