Roquetas de Mar death thought to be ‘settling of accounts’

The death of a 28 year old Senegalese man in Roquetas de Mar on Saturday, which sparked riots in the area, is thought to have been the ‘settling of accounts’ relating to drugs.

It all started at around 21:45 when 28 year old O.K., a Senegalese, was involved in a fight in which he suffered fatal stab wounds. A large group of sub-Saharans then gathered in the area and this later degenerated into violence and, in the end, a full scale riot.

Most of the trouble was concentrated in front of houses belonging to relatives, mostly ethnic gypsies, of the man thought to be the perpetrator of the stabbing. Two houses were burned and several others were damaged. Two cars were also set on fire.

At around 03:30, the Public Safety Unit (USECIC) of the Almeria Guardia Civil, equipped with anti-riot gear and supported by a helicopter, were called in to quell the disturbances.

Several people were injured in the affray, including two Guardia Civil officers and a Local Police officer.

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