Markets, graffiti and buses…

Excellent comment (novel?) by one of the Nerja market traders which details recent events in the dispute.

Anyone who thinks Nerja has a problem with graffiti should take a trip through Málaga. It’s everywhere, and each building seems to have more scribbles on it than all of the graffiti to be found in Nerja put together! On buildings which are already in much need of a paint job, it does make them look exceedingly shabby.

Allowing graffiti in certain places, such as skateparks etc doesn’t seem to have any effect, nor does legislation. It’s that age-old concept of ‘rules are made to be broken’, or at least ‘challenged’. The challenge of daubing your ‘tag’ on places you’re not supposed to, such as public buildings, or places which involve an element of danger, such as the underground railway tunnel walls, is too much to resist for some people.

It’s the same with base jumping from prominent buildings, ban it and you can guarantee someone will accept the challenge and do it.

Thanks to all those who pointed out that the train from Málaga centre to the airport is currently a much better, hassle-free and equally cheap option to the airport bus. Totally agree. Unfortunately, those I picked up recently didn’t!! It is a bit of a hike if you have a lot of heavy bags, but far simpler and more reliable.

Having said that, the main reason I chose to use the airport bus, hassles and all, was to see if the situation had changed much recently. Which it hasn’t. The next arrivals will be given no choice in the matter, Council style!

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