60% of dangerous products originate from Asia

In recent weeks, consumer organisations in Málaga province have denounced the dangers relating to several products designed for children, such as prams which are unsafe, bottles and pacifiers which could cause suffocation and toys which expand by up to 600% when submerged in water.

In total this year, inspectors have visited 762 establishments, investigated 1,237 suspect non-food items and have ordered the withdrawal of 802 items. Some 60% of the items deemed dangerous, either faulty or in general, are imports from Asian countries and there is a growing call for tighter Customs controls.

Problems discovered with toy items vary from inadequate labeling to the downright dangerous, especially relating to small toys for young children. Sharp edges to items, moving parts and toys resembling food are just some of the causes for concern. On the toy front, about 90% are items sold in the cheapo bazaars.

In addition to toys, the Consumers Organisation also receives a high volume of complaints relating to electrical goods, such as extension cords, plugs, travel irons, hairdryers and other small appliances.

Although it is known that 60% of the problematic items originate in Asian countries, a further 29% are ‘origin unknown’, so could also be from Asia.

Warnings about potentially dangerous items originate in one of three ways, via an announcement by the manufacturer, denuncias made by consumers or as the result of routine inspections. However, Málaga province only has eight inspectors, a total deemed inadequate in the fight to keep sub-standard items off the shelves.

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