Three arrested for attempted murder

Two men and a woman, all aged between 18 years and 22 years, have been arrested in Málaga in connection with the robbery of, and subsequent setting fire to, a man on September 9th. They are charged with attempted murder and extortion.

It seems that the woman had been receiving financial assistance from the victim, but when the payments stopped, she resorted to coercion.

She had arranged to meet the victim to collect €1,500 and turned up with at least two men who rushed at the victim, doused him in inflammable liquid and set fire to him. The victim is still in a serious condition in the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga, despite undergoing several surgical operations.

Two of the alleged attackers appeared in court on Thursday, the third was released without bail!! One of the detainees has a long list of prior arrests, including one for culpable homicide, so hopefully he wasn’t the one released!

All three are Rumanian nationals.

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