Don’t tell the kids!

So, what could a sixteen year old lad do? Join the army? Maybe kill or be killed in the service of his country. Pass. Get married? No, not yet. How about a part-time job, the money would come in handy while studying. Sounds good. There’s a local cleaning job available, worth a try.

Enter Government Health and Safety Guidelines.

Sixteen year old Karl Walker found out the hard way that there is obviously more danger involved in cleaning than there is cavorting around a battlefield.

Having successfully obtained a part-time cleaning job, he was then banned from using certain pieces of equipment for reasons of health and safety and was subsequently told his employment would be terminated. The company pointed out that, at sixteen, great care must be taken with the tasks set for people as their bodies are not yet fully formed.

So what was the equipment deemed so dangerous that he was banned from using it? A Hoover! Makes sense, far more dangerous than an RPG. Anything else? Washing up liquid! Lethal stuff, imagine getting some of that on your hands! Give me a flame-thrower any day. Any more? Well yes, hot water! And emptying waste bins is out of the question as well.

Apparently, you need to be eighteen years old to work in such an environment due to the health and saftey guidelines.

Sounds like Karl had a lucky escape from such a potentially dangerous environment. Join the army, mate, get a nice cushy job in Afghanistan or Baghdad where health and safety doesn’t seem to be an issue.

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