Holcim to close Torredonjimeno plant

Holcim, the manufacturer of cement and other building materials, has announced that it will be closing down three production sites, one in Spain and two in America.

The site in Torredonjimeno, Jaén province is the one scheduled to go in Spain, with Dundee and Clarksville for the chop in the USA.

Holcim reported a drop in net profit of 45.4% for the first nine months of this year, prompting a rethink of their operations. The plant in Torredonjimeno is the least profitable and cost efficient.

Th closure will still leave three cement production sites in Andalucía, in Carnoneras, Jerez de la Frontera and Gádor, as well as numerous other installations for producing mortar and concrete. The company has already opened negotiations with workers and Unions to try and reach a mutually agreeable package to minimise the impact of the closure, which affects aroud 130 workers.

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