What next?

The pound seems to have taken a sudden hammering in the past few days, dropping to €1.13 in the local ‘no commission’ exchange places.

So, who will take on the now defunct Acorn Inn in avenida Castilla Perez? It has remained virtually unchanged for many years now and will obviously need a total makeover before anyone can reopen it. That is, if it remains a bar of course!

Running a bar is not easy at the best of times, but is even more difficult these days with less tourists spending less money. It has to be said that Nerja, with a resident winter population of twenty-odd thousand, has more than a sufficiency of drinking establishments of one sort or another. Well over five hundred.

Would be interesting to find out the exact figure….next project….Despite this sufficiency, it still doesn’t stop people arriving with the romantic notion of opening a bar, thinking it must be easy-peasy in a tourist resort, and with the expectation of ‘blowing away’ the, often well-established, opposition. However, it never seems to happen, many of them falling by the wayside in a fairly short time when reality strikes home….

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