It’s just entertainment

‘Big Brother’, ‘Strictly come dancing’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity (?) whose career is flagging…look at my chest’…. people do seem to take these things rather seriously instead of viewing them for what they are, another bit of entertainment.

And where do they get some of these so-called celebrities from? Down in the jungle, it seems to be just a battle of the boobs. Great excitement as WAG Nicola McLean gets a leech stuck to her enhanced chest – the cameramen had to be given a map reference to find it – and comes out with another classic:

I don’t blame it, because it is a very nice boob to suck blood from.

Nicola is rather unfairly regarded by many as just another untalented airhead with big boobs, but there are probably quite a lot of people who find the game of charades ‘over their heads’. Admittedly most are under two years of age, but even still.

The Aussies who live in the Gold Coast jungle area where the show is being filmed seem to be laughing their heads off as watch all these soft, pampered Poms winge, shriek and baulk when confronted with things which, for the locals, are just a normal part of everyday life.

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