Bong goes one sponsor

So, multi-medallist Michael Phelps has been given a token slap on the wrist after being photographed smoking cannabis at a party.

Phelps has been banned from competition for three months, the ban ending just nicely in time for him to prepare for the US Championships on July 7th, a sort of trial for the World Championships in Rome two weeks later.

Smoking cannabis is not a doping offence according to USA Swimming, the sport’s governing body in the US. However, they decided to send out a ‘strong message’ to Phelps.

Phelps has already apologised for his ‘inappropriate’ behaviour.

USA Swimming has withdrawn its financial support to Phelps during the term of the ban.

Most of his sponsors, however, are not taking any action, the exception being Kelloggs, who have decided not to renew their contract with him on the grounds that his behaviour was  ‘not consistent with the image of Kellogg’.

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