Why don’t they just microchip everyone at birth and have done with it?

BigNuLabour is watching you! Telephone and internet providers will be forced to store records of any call, email or website visit in the UK for a period of one year under a law quietly introduced yesterday.

The new law will cost taxpayers £46.58 million, compensation to the companies who will have to store the extra data, so that police, the security services, health authorities and town halls will have the right to access their communications records.

The powers not only cover national security, the original idea behind such legislation, but also a host of minor crimes. Similar, in many ways, that councils can use the pretext of national security to place cameras to spy on people putting their rubbish out at the wrong time.

No doubt government officials will be excluded on the grounds of ‘national security’ or some such loophole!

And just imagine the unlimited possibilities for hackers with this system to get hold of your personal details and habits! The Government certainly appears to be obsessed with being able to track and trace everyone from the moment they wake up in a morning, or even earlier probably. Dangerous stuff.

Whatever happened to privacy?

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